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As a small, family-owned importer of quality New Zealand honey, Larnac sought to reach the larger German market by getting its products on store shelves and broadening it’s direct-to-consumer sales by going digital. I developed a complete brand identity which captures the essence the modern honey consumer. Additionally I strategised and implemented inbound marketing strategies to introduce the brand online to drive online leads and sales.

As Larnac had no previous brand, logo or marketing materials to work from, I set out to create an image that is instantly relatable, yet elegant and modern. Even though I was limited by the use of pre-defined and industry standard packaging, I applied this branding to all aspects of their business—from honey jars and lozenge packaging to website, print material and market stands.

The marketing strategy was the most challenging due to German law, which prohibits any reference to the health benefits Manuka honey has been proven to offer. With this limitation, we course corrected our marketing strategies to educate the public about the rich history of this honey in New Zealand and the Maori people; as well as how honey is produced and how to protect these endangered, yet vital insects.

Currently Larnac has purchased a permanent shop space in Berlin (currently under construction) where they plan to expand their New Zealand product line.

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