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I am currently the Marketing Operations Director for AHA FactoryGmbH and I provide businesses with repeatable and measurable marketing and design techniques that drive sales by focusing on your prospect’s buying habits.

Entrepreneurially minded

 I have an entrepreneurial mind and bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table. Problems happen, but solutions surround us–it’s simply a matter of implementing and testing them. As Destiny Child once told us, “If at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again.” 

Win, Win oriented

Finding Win, Win situations promote healthy work relationships and a better work environment. Of course, tough decisions must be made, but decisions should seldom be one-sided.

Value driven

Value is the purpose of what I do. Bringing value to my clients and helping my clients bring value to their customer is always my main focus.


Unspoken expectations are detrimental in the workplace and with clients. Clearly communicating goals and confronting issues head on with respect not only keep things positive, but also advances projects further, faster.

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